Sarah Saxby is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant at Becoming Light, located in Lakewood Ohio. Sarah designs nutritional protocols for individual clients, as well as for larger groups and professional wellness. Her philosophy behind overall health and wellness is focused on education and sustainability. She believes that it is imperative to provide an education to her clients first so that the necessary changes in lifestyle will make sense and can be easily maintained well into the future. Sarah has the ability to deliver information in a clear and direct way, using real-life examples and significant stories that appeal to her audiences. Her positive energy will awaken the desire to begin making those lifestyle changes that may have seemed overwhelming in the past. There are many reasons behind the inabililty to lose weight and feel good everyday. Working with Sarah will give you the answers, as well as the tools, to reach your true potential! Check Out Sarah's Special Astrology & Nutritional Consultation for $99! Go to our "Specials" page under "Features" for details!