As a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Sarah Saxby noticed that the majority of her clients did not have a problem starting a specific diet plan or understanding the concepts behind living a healthy lifestyle. The struggles would begin when life started to get in the way and day-to-day challenges would, once again, present themselves. This is typically about the time where most of us collapse back into old patterns, behaviors and addictions. Sarah began to make the connection and discovered that our inability to stay the “healthy” course had everything to do with the lack of complete fulfillment in our lives. When we settle for less in such things as our careers and relationships, we tend to get stuck in a robotic nature and considerably lack the motivation and energy to move forward with positive changes. Because of this understanding, Sarah’s business has evolved into providing practical development strategies to her clients that enable them to connect to their personal mission statement and true potential in life. It is Sarah’s belief that we are all here to effect the world in a positive way and feel inspired, driven and happy every single day. When we begin the journey to reach our maximum potential, our desire for MORE in every area of our lives greatly increases.