6 Overlooked Causes of Weight Loss Resistance

The inability to lose weight is a very hot topic within my practice, and a very sensitive one as well.  Nothing is more irritating than going from diet plan to diet plan only to end up five pounds heavier than when you started.  In an attempt to decrease frustrations, I’ve put together a summary of six of the most significant, overlooked reasons why losing weight has become one of the most challenging (and annoying) processes that many people have been faced to deal with.

1.  Elevated insulin

Insulin is a pretty major hormone, and a fat-storing one to boot.  When it is elevated due to the modern lifestyle, fat-burning hormones are subsequently down.  A few of the players involved in high levels of insulin are excess carbs/sugar, alcohol, caffeine, medications, stress and lack of protein & fat, to name a few.

2.  Chronic stress

Having consistent, high levels of stress causes hormones to become imbalanced.  Contrary to popular belief, the inability to lose weight is not a calorie problem, it’s a hormone problem.  Long term stress effects hormones, causing the body to store fat.

3.  Alcohol

Sorry guys, if your goal is losing weight, alcohol is out of the question!  Not for good, but long enough to retrain your body to burn fat.  Drinking alcohol completely prevents the body from burning fat, and not to mention, adds an extra load to the already over-burned liver.

4.  Calorie restriction

Not eating enough throughout the day increases your appetite and will eventually lead to cravings.  What does our body crave when we get too hungry?  Sugar!  And the cycle continues.

5.  Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the seed of the day; skipping it sets up a glucose roller coaster.  We get ravenously hungry, load up on carbs, crash, and do it all over again.  Following this pattern allows for us to overeat and store fat.  The longer we stay on this path, the harder it is to change.

6.  Lack of sleep

Quality sleep and hormone balance go hand & hand.  The hormones that allow us to have a good night’s rest are some of the same that regulate appetite and support weight loss.  In addition, what does a person typically do if they cannot sleep?  Eat!