Astrological Consultations
Every single one of us has a personal master plan, a true purpose in life, with which we need to connect in order to receive all of the happiness & abundance that awaits us. Sadly, most of us get locked into a comfort zone and find ourselves living the same routine day in and day out. When we begin to take the necessary steps toward our individual purpose, we awaken our true potential and create an opening for miracles.In order to successfully navigate the future, we must first understand important aspects of the past and how they relate to the present. In addition, having a good understanding of your current astrological operating system can provide the tools for healthier interactions with others; give more awareness around the continuous healing and weight loss struggles; and offer guidance on moving out of the comfort zone and into the miracle zone!These consultations are by appointment only and you must provide your birth date, time & location no less than two days prior to the consultation. Special Astrology & Nutritional Consultation for $99!  Click here for details!