Sarah Saxby is a holistic nutrition consultant, intuitive advisor, life-purpose astrology coach, and ordained minister who specializes in guiding people to their greatest potential by identifying the root of specific challenges and overcoming obstacles at the seed level to allow the door for health, happiness, and success to finally be open.

Teaching classes on topics ranging from health and weight loss, to relationships and success, Sarah is known for her ability to deliver her message, not only with simplicity and direction, but also a sense of humor that creates a comfortable and entertaining environment.  Her gifts of empathy, direct communication, and humor are a unique combination that  inspires her clients, allowing them to connect to passion, purpose, and prosperity.

In addition to her many years of studying and teaching about health and consciousness, Sarah draws from her own life experiences. As a teenager she battled with an eating disorder. Throughout her 20s, she worked in the banking & brokerage industry as a NASD Registered Rep. and National Manager of banking operations.  In 2003, her sister passed away from an accidental drug overdose, immediately triggering Alzheimer’s disease in her mother. In 2011, she and her husband of five years, divorced, and has been a single mom of three children ever since. Having withstood such experiences, Sarah has become an outspoken advocate on holistic health, fulfilling relationships, entrepreneurship, and successful children.

Sarah is the CEO and founder of her first company, Becoming Light, which does business as Sarah Saxby. Becoming Light is a healing and weight loss organization that designs nutritional protocols for individuals and groups, as well as meal plans and inventory management systems for businesses.

Because of her deep passion to help others reach their fullest potential, Sarah has expanded her nutrition business to include workshops, webinars, speaking engagements, astrology readings, intuitive counseling, and Executive Consciousness Coaching that assists in aligning businesses with higher purpose and real abundance.

Sarah currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her three children, Alexander, Scarlett, and Hadley.