Breaking the Routine in 2016

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Join Sarah for the follow up webinar to her innovative & enlightening new workshop, Breaking the Routine in 2016!  This course is designed to help you gain clarity around what keeps you continuously stuck in certain unpleasant situations, whether it’s a job you can’t stand waking up for, an unhealthy relationship, not-so-good financial status, or poor health, and provides the tools to FINALLY push through the challenges in a way you never could before.  It’s time to BREAK through the routine for a prosperous 2016!  Here are a few testimonials from individuals that attended her course in the past:

Attending this short course on Breaking the Routine has helped me really think about these questions and what I want to do with my life. It is my life and no one else’s, and I need to make the time with very simple steps in how I need to awaken the change that is needed desperately in my life.

I am so very grateful for for what I was able to capture from this session, and I highly recommend anyone taking the next one! Even if you are content in your life, there is always room to grow. Take the risk and learn more about how you can, you will not regret it! Life was not meant to be so complicated, we just make it that way.

Sarah has the amazing ability to make you really think about your life situations and how you personally can make them better and maintain that change. Who doesn’t want that?

Thank you Sarah!!!

Angela from Cleveland


At Sarah’s seminar Sunday she reiterated some things that have made me think about myself and what I need to change. Sarah has already touched my life in so many ways so I asked my dad and my boyfriend to attend her seminar. They both then were able to meet the women that has helped me become more confident in myself, be more proactive and overall a better person.

The seminar opened up my dad and my boyfriends eyes to somethings they want to change.

My dad in particular, that night let me grocery shop for him to show him the right foods he can eat. Since Sunday he has been reporting to me all his meals. My dad has been overweight and smokes, for many years now so the effort he has shown in the past few days has made me hopeful for his future.

Thanks Sarah for all you have done for me and also for convincing my dad he needs to make a change in his life.

Jen from Cleveland