1. Holistic Nutrition Design
Sarah works with individuals, groups, and organizations by creating strategies that educate, empower, and support weight loss and natural healing.
2. Intuitive Coaching Sessions
Sarah believes that EVERYONE has the ability to determine their own best solutions to the challenges they face in life. Whether we find ourselves in the middle of a difficult situation, need to make a tough decision, or are ready to start a new path in life, it’s not always easy to see with clarity and connect to the “bigger picture”.  As an Intuitive Advisor and student of the wisdom of Kabbalah, Sarah can assist in expanding your consciousness around the situation and provide the guidance to making the best decisions from a higher level of awareness.
3. Executive Consciousness Coaching
Just like individuals, in order for a business to reach its goals and maintain success in the long-term, it is imperative to create & connect to a mission & vision that ultimately effects its employees, its community, and the world in a positive way.  For an organization to be truly prosperous, the seed of a “higher purpose” must be planted at the executive level. Executives that run their business, connected to a higher purpose that improves, advances, and elevates humanity is what creates desire, and desire is the engine of life. Prosperity can never be measured by profit only.  Profit is temporary, purpose is limitless. Sarah & her team use a four fundamental strategy of Continuity, Contribution, Connection, & Consciousness, that will ultimately align the organization and its leaders with true prosperity and create an affinity with all abundance.
4. Life Purpose Astrology Consultations
Sarah believes that it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the past to be able to successfully navigate the future.  In her astrological reading you will learn about the path your soul has taken and why the operation system of the past just doesn’t work in this lifetime.  The frustration and disconnect we currently experience is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  It just doesn’t work.  In this hour with Sarah you will learn the details of how your chart is currently set up, how it corresponds to the past, and the specific steps that need to be taken so you can become aligned with your personal master plan and connect with your true purpose in life.
5. Astrology Parties
Astrology parties with Sarah feature a half-hour informational session with all attendees and a 45-minute reading with each individual.  (Max – 5 attendees + host)
6. Wedding Officiating 
In addition to holistic nutrition and intuitive coaching, Sarah is also an ordained minister in the state of Ohio.  Her belief system is one of non-coercion, unity, and higher purpose.  One of Sarah’s gifts is her ability to deliver information in a clear & entertaining way, that also deeply connects her audience with the message you’d like to convey for your amazing event.  In addition to the wedding day, Sarah also offers TWO planning sessions with the bride & groom, as well as a “Relationship Consciousness” course that brings awareness around the real purpose of a soul-mate union and strategies for interdependence that support one another’s on-going inner transformation.