Personalized Life Purpose Strategy

PERSONALIZED LIFE PURPOSE STRATEGY – Now on sale for $26! (Was $42)

Astrology is meant to be practical.  Sarah believes that EVERY astrological reading should revolve around, or at least contain considerable information on, life purpose or tikkun.  Each and every one of us brings over a tikkun (correction) from previous lifetimes.  Without a real understanding of our past-life operating system, we can never completely tap into ultimate fulfillment in this life.  That nagging emptiness will still be there, to some degree.  Sure, cosmically, there are time frames in everyone’s charts where there are greater opportunities to, for instance, meet a significant other or make a career change, but at the end of the day, WE are the director of our lives.  Are you making an effort to meet someone?  Are you doing the work necessary to advance your career?  As the saying goes “As above, so below”.

To provide you with information on your specific tikkun, Sarah focuses on 3 key elements within your chart:  North Node, South Node, and the House in which each of those nodes reside.  The north node represents, not only the gifts we are here to develop, but it is the exact SWITCH WE NEED TO FLIP in order to experience true personal success.  The house that the north node resides represents the environment, or playing field, that supports this process.  On the other side of the coin, the south node signifies the operating system of your past life or lives.  It’s a point of great insecurity and fear.  The traits of the south node SABOTAGE YOUR ABILITY FOR REAL FULFILLMENT in this life, yet they are so comfortable and familiar – that’s why we default to that “safe” yet antiquated operating system.  The truth is, because your chart is set up differently in this lifetime, you will continue to feel like you are constantly hitting a ceiling.  The old tricks simply don’t work this time around because the current chart doesn’t support it.  It’s actually quite simple, but if we don’t have consciousness around the past-life operating system, we will continue to make the same mistakes, feel depleted and frustrated, and fall short of reaching our true purpose.

Hear what Sarah’s clients are saying:

“Sarah has not only provided clarity in elevating my consciousness, but has also enabled and supported me in seeing so much more from a higher level of life that I never knew existed”

“As Sarah began my reading (46 year old woman) we were blown away with what she had to share. It’s like she knew me really, really well”

“As Sarah went on to explain their past and current lives, she was right on with everything she said”

“Sarah was able to guide us to see our ‘corrections’. It was as if I was in therapy for years but she figured it all out in that one evening”.

What you will receive in your personalized document:

  • An overview of your birth chart
  • Details of the strengths & weakness in your current chart
  • Highlights of your south node (how you are sabotaging fulfillment)
  • Goals of your north node (specifics on how to switch to your new operating system)
  • Homework questions to create consciousness around your transformation process

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