When I was in school studying Holistic Nutrition, I often wondered how I would be different than any other nutrition consultant.  After all, there are so many of us… and so many diet plans and menu ideas.  Why would I be any different and why should anyone choose to work with me?  When I first started practicing, I dished out the diet plan.  Was it a good one?  For sure!  But what does it matter if the client just goes back to the old way of life six months later?  I’ve talked to endless health practitioners, gym owners, chiropractors – you name it!  They all have the same story – that the bulk of their clients ALWAYS fall back into old habits, eventually.  Sure, you get a die-hard every now & then that’s blessed with the gift of perseverance, but it’s very uncommon.  To me it was useless and it was heartbreaking to want the changes for my clients more than they wanted for themselves.

So back to the proverbial drawing board I go – how am I different?  Well, in addition to my education and experience in Holistic Nutrition, I am also a mom (and a good one, at that), been through some crazy life stuff like divorce, an eating disorder, and ugh, the death of someone very close to me.  But, even better, I have been a student of the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah for 13+ years.  K, getting closer.  Despite the multitude of friends straight up telling me my talents, I did (sort of) know that I had a knack for “seeing”, not only the bigger picture for those that I worked with, but the “seed level” from which their issues originated.  I realized that as time went on, I was blessed with the ability to guide my clients to a higher level of consciousness – a place where great decisions are made, clarity resides, life-purposes live, and the source of all abundance dwells.  And, on top of that, I finally came to terms with the fact that I know a crap-load about astrology too.

Get to the philosophy, you might be saying.  Ok.  The answer to why we fall back into old habits:  No illness, disease, addiction, weight issue, insecurity, doubt, fear, money concern, or boyfriend problem can ever be solved at the same level of consciousness in which it was created.  Temporary success can be achieved, but there will be something that drags you back.  The inner transformation MUST take place.  There MUST be vision and clarity from a higher level.  You MUST begin to operate at a different frequency in order for any changes to be maintained in the long-term.  When you begin to connect to the “seed level” of your negative baggage, EVERYTHING changes.

We are here, in this lifetime, to receive EVERYTHING… a healthy body, unlimited happiness, children, the career of our dreams, a soulmate, security, love, money… it’s endless!  But we settle for… say, a dream job while our health and family life sucks.  Or we give up everything for our family and listen to crickets when the kids leave for college.  It’s time you guys… to have it all.  The KEY is inner-transformation – but you have to have the desire to turn it.