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Nutritional Group Workshops


Nutritional Group Workshops

Virtual or in-person.

This educational and inspirational workshop includes four sessions, one per week, that will address questions  on various health topics such as weight-loss resistance, hormone imbalance, digestive conditions, allergies,  auto-immunity & more, using a holistic approach to healing and greater understanding. Each session will contain a topic lecture, workshop activity, Q&A session and weekly homework.  In addition to the four-week workshop, each attendee will have daily email access to Sarah and also receive a personally designed protocol that will provide additional guidance and direction to assist in finally making the lifestyle changes that can be used practically and maintained well into the future.

Each attendee will need to register individually under the appropriate group size. Amount reflects “per person” price.  Group organizers will receive 1/2 off workshop price for groups with 5 – 9 attendees.  FREE for 10 or more!  Email for your coupon code.

Note: Upon purchase, you will receive required documents via email that will need to be completed by each attendee and scanned back before the first session. All information is kept confidential and utilized to help Sarah complete specific protocols and design the group agenda.  You will also be contacted within 24 hours to set up the future appointments.

For more information on Sarah and her philosophy visit:

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