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Sandra Saxby (Sandy Saxby)

Lecture: Breaking the Routine in 2016



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Title: Breaking the Routine in 2016
When: Sunday, January 10, 2016 @ 3pm
Where: Crown Plaza Cleveland Airport, Ballroom 4
Price: $26
Description:   Most people say they want the upcoming year to be better than the one before, but time gets away from us and, once again, we get caught up in the daily routine.  Five years goes by and we are still complaining about our jobs, our relationships, and our health.  NOW IS THE TIME to take one foot off of the hamster wheel and begin the path to health, happiness and fulfillment.  A life that is free of sadness, guilt, doubt, illness, exhaustion, wheel-spinning, people-pleasing and mediocre relationships.  Yes, it IS possible and it is time to FINALLY  stop settling.  This year is the year to put your own well-being at the top of the list so your true essence and greatness can be shared with your children, friends, and family.
Breaking the Routine in 2016 is an introductory workshop to the upcoming 3-week course that will show you how to decode situations in life, give you clarity around repetitive behaviors and provide you with the energy and inspiration to finally make the changes that have seemed overwhelming in the past.
Sarah Saxby is a holistic nutrition consultant, spiritual teacher and motivational speaker that is extremely passionate about helping others get out of the trenches of the daily routine and onto a path of finding their own passion, health, and purpose.  Sarah’s bio can be found here: