So…Should I Eat Fruit Or Not???

OK, I get A LOT of questions with regards to fruit.  It seems as though there is much confusion around whether or not to eat a little, a lot, or even at all… and I can completely understand why.  We’re constantly told to eat whole foods and fruit is definitely a whole food.  So what can be wrong with it?  My answer to that question is “nothing”… unless you’re trying to lose weight.  It really helps to look at when foods are locally available and in season (truly in season, not shipped from New Zealand).  Typically when we think of fruit, we think of summer.  Traditionally, when eating seasonally was our only option, fruit was only available in the summer months.  There was a brilliant method to what we now see as madness – fruit was a sugary, summer food that enabled our bodies the opportunity to bulk up for the upcoming winter when food, in general, was much scarcer.  It was part of our survival mechanism!  Flash forward to today and we get fruit shipped in from all over the world, 365 days a year.  Fruit is lumped into the same category as vegetables and we’re told to eat it all day long.  We have to remember that our bodies have not evolved all that much from the time when we were hunting and gathering.  Metabolically, the same rules still apply, but we’re living in a much different world.  We now have 24/7 access to absolutely any food our hearts desire and our bodies are, fortunately or unfortunately, responding the only way they know how.  Bottom line, fruit is amazing.  It contains vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants – all important to live optimally.  However, if the goal is to begin burning fat, fruit should be consumed on a much lesser scale, if at all, in the beginning of your weight loss process.  Two rules to follow if you do eat fruit during weight loss:  One, always eat it with a protein; and two, default to the lower glycemic load fruits like berries, cantaloupe, kiwi and cherries.  Fruits such as pear, watermelon, apples and bananas raise your blood sugar at a much faster rate and could possibly sabotage your fat burning efforts.  Once you have reached or are closer to your healthy weight, the ratios will change.  For now, put the focus on colorful veggies, fish & meat from healthy animals.  You really can’t go wrong!