I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great clients over the years and am happy to share some of their kind words below.

I had very emotional meeting with Sarah. Before I went to see her I was sad and powerless – lost in my life. She told me e.g. what kind of person I am, how I operated in my previous life, and how I could continue this present life so I would feel better and people around me, too. This all made sense! She made me think about my life from a different perspective. It was amazing how only one meeting with her changed me. I feel calmer, happier and stronger. I believe everything happens for a reason and when the time is right. I definitely want to meet Sarah again! 

-H. from Strongsvillle

It has been about nine months now since I first met Sarah as a Consciousness Coach, which I can honestly say, was one of the most hardest times in my life. I felt completely lost, alone, confused, and afraid. I was filled with so much sadness, darkness, and chaos that I had been trying to figure out on my own for a very long time, but nothing was working.
My first visit with Sarah was one that I will never forget, nor one that I can even fully explain. I went to my first visit having no idea what to expect, was extremely cautious, and afraid of what I was going to hear to get my life back in order. I was mostly afraid of getting advice from yet another person and their opinion of how I needed to live my life- basically telling me what to do even if I didn’t feel it was the best route in my heart.
After leaving this session- I felt none of this. I felt alive again and full of positive energy and I didn’t know what to think at all. I was not given any advice, but I was given an opportunity to think deeply about myself and who I wanted to be- the true me. Sarah had this amazing ability to talk to me on a deep level without judgement, without making me afraid to open up, and without telling me what I needed to do. She made me think for myself for once , but out of compassion, not control.
Here I am nine months later still seeing Sarah but with a completely different outlook on life. Why am I here, what is my soul purpose in life, and how can I help others as Sarah has helped me? I still have so much to work on and learn- we all do, but what is the purpose of life without a heartfelt soul purpose?
Sarah has not only provided clarity in elevating my consciousness, but has also enabled and supported me in seeing so much more from a higher level of life that I never knew existed. She has taught me to think differently in all aspects of my life and how I can reach all of my desires through certainty and using the gifts the creator has given to us since the beginning of time, but that our ego’s would not let us see. At this point in my life, the saying ” have absolute certainty in the creator” has a completely different meaning and I hope in my lifetime that I will be able to help others as Sarah has helped me, to see what is already deep inside of each and everyone of us.
I thank the creator every day for putting Sarah in my life and for guiding her to provide me with the clarity I need to not only work on myself, but also to share those blessings with everyone around me. These types of opportunities are given to us for a reason, so we always need to be aware and open minded and don’t let them pass by, as we will truly be missing out on the main purpose of life the creator wanted us to see.

-Angela from Columbia Station

I initially contacted Sarah to lose weight. While I have lost weight, I have gained much more insight on living with clarity and finding my inner strength to be the person I am meant to be. I have tried every diet there is and have failed at all of them. Sarah has helped me understand that my struggles with weight are just a symptom. I am very excited for what is coming next on my journey!

-Susan from Avon

I just wanted to say thanks once more for coming to our library and presenting the nutrition and weight loss program. It was a wonderful success; everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately just before 6 we had a rush in the library and I was unable to introduce you, but I saw that you started without me and you were very well received by the audience. I was completely impressed by the slide show presentation and your ability to connect with the audience. Sarah, you truly are a fountain of information about nutrition.

Sarah, thanks again and let’s stay in touch. Perhaps we can schedule another program at our library in the future. I would love to have you back and I know that our patrons would as well.

-Mark from Lorain

We had Sarah attend a get together at my house to do some readings for a group of teenage girls, our younger children and the adult moms. Not knowing what to expect, I was open to anything and knew we would have a fun evening. We all met with Sarah to begin. She explained some things prior to talking about us individually. Our group decided to have her share the information in front of the whole group. As she began my reading (46 year old woman) we were blown away with what she had to share. It’s like she knew me really, really well. The teen girls decided to go next. The two girls were so different, I could not imagine what we would hear from Sarah. As she went on to explain their past and current lives she was right on with everything she said. The small children and other mom were spot on as well.
I took a lot of what was suggested to heart. She was able to guide us to see our “corrections.” It was as if I was in therapy for years but she figured it all out in that one evening. As I’ve shared my story with others, I am in the process of planning another party with a handful of friends…and look forward to continuing to work on myself every day. Thank you Sarah for the opportunity to have this wonderful experience!

                                                                                                         –Elaine from Strongsville

Sarah was kind enough to speak in front of our associates as part of our wellness program. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, energetic and professional. Her passionate delivery on diet and allergies really resonated with our associates. I have been told that her presentation was one of, if not the best, we have had thus far. I look forward to doing business with Sarah again in the future!

-Nora Hughes, Ross Environmental Services, Inc.

Weight loss issues have been a battle for me for years. I have tried it all – reading books, various pills, cleanses, programs and personal trainers. I am very active, I workout 5-6 times a week, I have run numerous races from 5Ks to half marathons, all with little or no weight loss. The only consistency was that I either saw results that didn’t last or didn’t see results at all. I have been working with Sarah for several months and this track is different because she is so knowledgeable and really listens to my struggles and successes. Sarah guides with wisdom, kindness and sincerity and wants me to succeed as much as I do. The best part is, it works! Sarah creates a program that is doable with food choices based on the individual she is working with, supplements that are available directly through her, and appointment scheduling that can fit into even the busiest of schedules. My road to my goal weight and size is not complete, but working with Sarah makes me confident that I will finally be able to get there!

-Sam from Strongsville

The advice that Sarah gave me for my child’s digestive problem has changed everything for the better. For months, I was having to give my daughter medication for her extreme constipation issue, and there was no hope of taking her off the meds any time soon. I was not okay with that and knew there was more that could be done. Within days of being on the plan that was designed for her (dietary modifications and supplements) my little girl’s system is functioning normally and I am slowly wearing her off the medication. I cannot thank Sara enough for the time and dedication she put into helping us. She is extremely knowledgeble and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend seeing her for any dietary needs you may have.

– Carrie from Lakewood

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share my great experience working with Sarah.

I am forever grateful for her efforts and guidance in helping me see the light on the road to better health and overall well-being.    Her knowledge is incredible and what an eye opener she has been in the role of nutrition and diseases!  Wow!  I feel privileged that I can tap into her in depth knowledge to assist and support me.  She is in a class of her own with her superior knowledge and competence, interpersonal assistance, humility, integrity and grace.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to any person who is seeking help in feeling better.

It is clearly evident that this is her passion and calling in life.  She takes pride in serving her clientele to the best of her ability. You will surely benefit and be happy in choosing to work with her.

Sarah is a light in the world and I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to be healthy and feel better.

Thank you for having my best interest at heart!”

– Karen from Middleburg Hts. 

“Specific and personalized, Sarah delves into your goals, lifestyle, and various means to implement change. The time that I worked with Sarah produced sustainable changes! She provided valuable information as well as different approaches for incorporating into my lifestyle.”

– Debbie from Youngstown

“Making the connection between how and what we eat and how we feel can be very challenging.  Messages in the Media are hard to decipher, words are difficult to understand or define, confusion sets in quickly.  We think we are making good choices.  However, there is so much that we don’t know.  As a Nutrition Consultant, Sarah helps make all that so very clear.  She has a depth and breadth of knowledge of foods and their impact on our bodies and the interactions that occur when we eat what we eat that is astounding.  In addition, she communicates all of that knowledge and experience very clearly.  She explains concepts in a way that is understandable and makes a great deal of sense.  Sarah is bright, intuitive, careful, and thoughtful.  She can assemble a nutrition plan for you that you can be successful with based on the story you share with her.  She is truthful, determined, creative, and patient.

In addition, she lives what she teaches.  Working with Sarah you will feel supported and in great company.  Sarah does not ask anything of you that she has not asked of herself. She has firsthand experiences that you can tap into that are real and present, not historical or from a book. Sarah sees you as a whole person; mind body and spirit, and directs her plan for you taking all of that into consideration at once.

Knowing and working with Sarah will truly change your life. I highly recommend her as a partner for you in health and wellness.”

– Maureen from Hudson