Who Wants More Out Of Life?

Answer:  Not too many people.

One thing that I’ve noticed while working with individuals is that, at one point or another, desire seems to decline.  And, it’s not just desire to lose more weight…it is a desire for many things in life.  For one reason or another we’ve been hard-wired to believe that achieving comfort is the end goal.  Unfortunately, that comfort zone is the EXACT place that supports our growing lack of desire and keeps us settling for mediocrity.

We get lost in the day to day, not even conscious of our robotic nature.  We wake up, grab coffee, drive to work, drive home, make dinner, and go to bed.  A few weekend parties and a couple of vacations are thrown in the mix to add a little short-term enjoyment, but inevitably those little “escapes” lead us right to that collectively feared and dreaded Monday.  Why is it that everyone so strongly dreads Mondays?  Monday, as a day of the week, cannot be “bad”.  The only reason why it gets such a bad rap is because it is that particular day that slaps us in the face and shows us exactly how we are NOT doing what we came here to do… and it stinks!  What we really fear and dread is being a robot.

One thing that is for sure is that EVERY SINGLE human being on this planet is here, in this lifetime, to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL and make the world a better place for one another.  No doubt we all have different starting points, obstacles and challenges, but it is finally facing and overcoming those starting points, obstacles and challenges that will wake up our desire and allow us to start asking for more in life.  As I always say, if we don’t start asking for more… this is as good as it’s EVER going to be.

A couple of really good questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What am I here to achieve in this lifetime?
  2. How can I make a difference in this world?
  3. How disgusted am I with where things are today?

Even though we think we are, most of us are not disgusted enough with where we are today, because if we were, we’d surely start changing no matter how hard it appears to be at first.  As Rav Berg says “change is what happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing”.  It is imperative that we get ourselves to a place where it’s painful to stay the same.  Asking yourself the questions listed above are one sure-fire way to set the wheels of change in motion.  Ask those questions and you will most certainly begin looking forward to Mondays.