Your Health: Be the Cause, Not the Effect

Too often when there is a diagnosis of disease, we are quick to treat the symptoms.  Instead of looking for an underlying cause, we’re busy focusing on the effect.  When we become the effect in any situation, we become the victim.  We are not in control when we live our lives reactively.  We’re so hard wired to automatically match a medication up to a symptom, when we should truly be matching a symptom up with its corresponding nutritional deficiency.  When a cancerous tumor is surgically removed, the origin of that tumor still exists.  When we take anti-depressants, the root of the depression remains.  Unfortunately there still isn’t a magic pill that can drive us to the gym, make us love broccoli, and remove the stress from our jobs.  There’s no denying that there are cases in which medications are indeed necessary & life-saving, but the fact remains that most medications are a bandage covering up the very issues we choose to ignore.  Why do we ignore the root of our issues?  Because it’s easier to do so, plain & simple.  Today, the snooze button, TV and fast food win out every time.   Until we decide to get out of our comfort zones, we remain as victims and wait for our inevitable diagnosis.

If you think about it, who benefits more?  The individual that starts making the proactive changes to his diet and lifestyle before the potential heart attack… or the person that is forced into making those changes because he survived a heart attack?  Being proactive (the cause) and making the necessary changes today will always give us more power.  It may be difficult in the beginning, but rest assured, the pain will very quickly diminish and what you will be left with is complete control over your future.  When we are reactive (the effect), the pain is long term, if not forever, and we are subject to the proverbial ups and downs that are a product of living reactively.  Start today by making a commitment to yourself that you will be the director in the movie of your life, not the actor.